The Alphabliss of Miss (Hardcover)

The Alphabliss of Miss (Hardcover)


By Angel Morgan, PhD (under pen name Angel Morgan Abell)

This book offers children 26 alphabetical poems and pictures about magical dream allies that are girls with strong, unique, and empowering qualities.

“There is an ever-present need for positive female role models in children’s literature. The Alphabliss of Miss demonstrates the diversity of female role models, providing inspiration for girls to celebrate their femininity while encouraging boys to be in touch with their creative and nurturing sides. Characters from Anabelle to Zella inspire girls and boys to express their unique personalities. The beautiful illustrations by the multitalented author and illustrator Angel Morgan Abell add an extra dimension of vibrancy to this enchanting book. The vivid colors and original style coddle the poems like a familiar blanket... Children will enjoy the ride of reading and imagining how they want to make a difference in this world with their feminine and masculine sides in harmony.”

-- Brigitte Benchimol, book review

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