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Dreams • Dream-Arts • Creativity

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Angel Morgan’s dream circle lent me a sense of three-dimensionality to my dreams, so that I could feel a palatability to the visuals I experienced and their link to my everyday pursuits.
— T. Ginli

She [Angel] helped me learn not to be afraid in my dreams, and how to turn enemies in my dreams into friends. I always used to go to her for help but what she taught me made me braver.
— Luke (age 10)

Talking about my dreams has helped me in many ways. What I’ve noticed in people around my age, when they talk about their dreams, they’re mostly talking about everything that happens and not the abstract feeling of it or what it could mean. In the dream circle, you get to discuss all that.
— Akasha (age 13)

Angel had great insight on dreams. Her positive aura helped a lot in enabling people to share them with her.
— Frank Romano

I have known Angel since 2003 and am consistently amazed by her positivity, enthusiasm, and creativity when it comes to teaching and education. Angel cares deeply about her students and works hard so that they can succeed. I think she is simply an awesome teacher and highly recommend her.
— Jeremiah Turner

Her facility with dreamwork, and her ability to bring this resource and practice to others offers them depth in their personal understanding and can enrich their lives. She has made major contributions in Saybrook seminars, giving from her expertise... It is a pleasure to work with Angel.
— Ruth Richards M.D., Ph.D.

Angel Morgan is an exceptional artist, and educator whose talents are wide ranging and multifaceted. I eagerly welcome the opportunity to work with her again and congratulate anyone who has the good fortune to do the same.
— Marco Sanchez