Age 11-13 Dream-Arts Class

Age 11-13 Dream-Arts Class


Fee per student (age 11-13) for one 6 day dream-arts class (3 weeks) with Dr. Angel Morgan, Ph.D. 

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*Active Imagination & Lucid Dreaming
*Dream Art
*Dream Writing & Poetry
*Improvisational Dream Theater

Dreamers of this age are usually ready and willing to begin sharing their dreams with others, and to play with them creatively. Pre-teens and young teens suddenly experience the world differently than they did as children.  We will establish trust through the community building skills of safety and confidentiality.  Dream-Arts methods and techniques will be taught and practiced at the fun pace that is appropriate for this age. Before purchasing, be sure to either "Request a Service" or email Dr. Morgan at to schedule your group in advance. See Terms & Policies for scheduling details.